My interest in yoga started in 2005 back home in Germany when I was looking for a challenging but relaxing workout to balance my work life. In the beginning the focus was clearly on the physical benefits but enthusiasm grew into passion after I had joined my first Vinyasa Flow class. That was when I realised how the regular practice of yoga could help me to find peace and happiness in my life, changing the focus from physical only into physical and spiritual aspects. But with life moving onwards I kind of lost track of my own practice.

It was in December 2012 when I moved to London that I slowly became curious about yoga again. Living in a busy city got me back on the mat, urging for mindfulness and grounding.

Since then, my appetite and passion for yoga continues to grow. I could have never imagined that yoga would help me in finding balance, happiness, satisfaction and stillness. But the combination of breath, movement and meditation allows me to find and reveal my natural self and release any doubts, restlessness and tension from my body and mind.

This is exactly the experience I want to pass on to my students so that they may feel the great fulfilment of yoga. My desire is to encourage others to experience the healing power of breath, movement and mediation which uncovers the deeper layers of the self to initiate change, growth, satisfaction and faith in their own abilities.

​© 2016 by Patricia Ricken Yoga